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  • Connect. Build. Trust.

    Enterprise-grade Secure File Transfer and Messaging

    Trustworthy and regulatory compliant system for sharing large files up to 30x faster than traditional file transfer services.

    Guaranteed authenticity, privacy, and reliability.

Unlimited File Size

No limits on file sizes.  Move petabytes of data without the risk of data loss or file transfer interruption.

Faster Transfer Times

Our patent-pending technology allows for transfer times up to 30x faster than currently available file transfer services.

Cost Effective

Less expensive than 1 FedEx overnight.  Dramatically reduces potential costly data breaches.

Encryption Made Easy

Every file and message automatically encrypted using full message-level encryption for end-to-end protection and privacy.

No IT Needed

The best capabilities of private key encryption without the complexities or overhead of operating a certificate authority or PKI.

Easy To Use

Lightweight download that is easy to deploy and use.  Intuitive interface provides no friction for end users.

Increase Your Efficiency.
Reduce Your Risk.

Secure Send is built with security and transfer efficiency at its core.

Data too large or too senstive for email and current cloud-based sharing options
transfers efficiently and securely.

  • Supply chain distribution of sensitive information
  • Large AVI or movie files
  • Large RFQs/models/drawings
  • Intellectual property documents
  • Tax and financial documents
  • Personal Identifying Information (PII)
  • Personal Health Information
  • Legal Documents
  • Big data for analytics and database back-ups

How We Compare

Built for business, Secure Send is the most secure and easiest to use solution on the market.

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